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You are your own cure of depression

As I read this article (Under pressure, November 13), I immediately got reminiscent of myself last year of when I had sleepless nights, sitting by my desk, and staring out my window while listing the consequences of what would happen if I jumped out of it.

Struck by a string of family issues, I was on the verge of depression back then, but all my friends, and some who have studied psychology, helped me get back on my feet. I was lucky, but I am fully aware that many more people out there are suffering the pain just like I did and haven't found a solution yet.

The figure of people suffering from depression provided in the article was worrying. But sometimes it is we who must gather all the strength to stand up again.

I think the first step to regaining your strength is to let go of all your ambition and desires and make peace with yourself, whatever you have messed up or been through.

As I've learned, you are your own origin of power and strength to tackle all the problems in life.

However, just as it is mentioned in the article, depression, once diagnosed, is beyond emotional control and demands medical assistance. But even in the healing process, you are your own cure.

Janice Jiang, by email

LGBT rights are not a trendy brand

LGBT rights were mysterious but not completely taboo during my school years. One of my high school classmates insisted that she was a lesbian - even though she had dated several guys before. And I am more than glad to see that the Chinese society and the Chinese people are more and more open to the topic of LGBT rights and gender equality, but the described phenomenon of Chinese students' so-called "rising awareness of their sexual orientation" was not a good sign to me (Confusing sexual orientation, November 29).

First of all, the official sexual education in China remains far from satisfying and admittedly many of the students' knowledge about homosexuality comes from novels, movies and online posts. Moreover, some LGBT rights activists may have glorified themselves in my opinion. It may be a necessary move to let voices be heard, but it may become a model for teenagers who fantasize to become famous or popular. In the end, figuring out one's own sexual orientation goes into another extreme when more people announce they are gay to win more attention. I believe that is not what the LGBT community would want. The community is in pursuit of true respect and equality, not being a copycat.

Andreas Zhang, by email

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