Mai Jia's classic spy thriller 'The Message' gets streaming adaptation

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/10 18:03:39

Han Zhijie Photo: Courtesy of Xi Yan

Considered one of China's best spy novels, The Message will come to Chinese streaming platform Tencent Video as a TV drama in 2019, Tencent Video announced at a seminar on Saturday. The novel quickly rose in popularity after a 2009 film adaptation wowed audiences in China with its tight plot and well-written characters.

Taking two years to produce, the new drama sticks close to the original novel by Chinese writer Mai Jia.

The novel, set in Japanese-occupied Nanjing during WWII, tells the story of a Chinese spy "Old Ghost" trying to send a crucial message while keeping his/her identity a secret from a Japanese intelligence officer.

Han Zhijie, a senior vice president at Tencent Video, noted that the story is the main reason the company chose to adapt the novel.

"The storytelling and the deductive reasoning on display are the two outstanding features from the original novel that caught our eye. More importantly, we have discovered that young audiences are very drawn to such patriotic productions. So we hope to deliver a positive message through this project," Han said at the event.


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