China, Japan and Korea have low levels of trust: survey

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/12 18:47:03

A recent poll shows that most people in China, Japan and Korea expect a trilateral cooperation even though the three countries have low levels of trust in each other.

The poll by the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat on Wednesday shows that people from the three neighboring countries agree that trilateral cooperation should be maintained, although they have historical and territorial issues. 

As many as 71.9 percent of the respondents say the current trilateral cooperation does not work well, which was mainly caused by the competitiveness of the three nations. 

"It is necessary to change from a competitive relationship, where one country's interests lead to the loss of other countries, to a complementary trilateral cooperation that can lead to inclusive growth," say the poll.

Most respondents believe the trilateral cooperation will benefit regional stability, peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia. However, the ratio of "Agree" in Japan is relatively lower than that of other countries.

It will be effective to promote cooperation through regular and institutionalized trilateral cooperation, with more than 72 percent of the respondents supporting a trilateral summit. 

For continuous cooperation, they need to strengthen the role and function of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) to better coordinate political and diplomatic situations in the region.

Respondents said they strongly believe that trilateral cooperation should expand from economic field to wider areas such as environment, green energy development, health care and disaster response.

More than 74 percent of the respondents are concerned with "cooperation on air and pollution."

China has a largely positive image of its rapid economic development, but Japanese respondents say China is known for "fake, cheap goods" and South Koreans say China has "environmental pollution."

About 20 percent of Chinese and Koreans recalled Japan as a "colonial ruler" and "war history" as a frequent negative image.

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