Man cosplays as student for mom with Alzheimer’s

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/16 19:28:39

Two students wearing school uniforms walk on the street in Jilin, Northeast China's Jilin Province in April 2015. Photo: IC

For years, a man in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province has been dressing in his old high school uniform so that his mother battling Alzheimer's can recognize him.

Wang Qiang, 31, said his mother was diagnosed with dementia five years earlier.

While she couldn't recognize her adult son, she did have memory of him as a high school boy.

"At first, I tried correcting her," Wang said. "But later I thought she would be happier if I let her think I was still in high school."

Ever since, he has worn the old uniform during his daily video chat with his mother.

"It's a little tight on me now, but I have been wearing it for three years," Wang said.

During their conversations, Wang said he shares details from his school days. His text also read like those of a high schooler: "Hi mom, I'm studying right now" and "Mom, I have two English classes today. We'll talk tonight."

Wang said the chat sessions are also helping him jog his own memory.

"It reminds me of my many lovely stories and friends from high school," Wang said. 

Wang's girlfriend, surnamed Li, said she was touched about hearing the story. "I think he's a devoted son and kind. He cares a lot about his mom," Li said.

Since Wang was not allowed to date during high school, he hasn't introduced Li to his mother yet. However, Wang said he's planning on it - depending how his mom reacts to the news.

Chengdu Evening News


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