Singapore's new law for infrastructure protection takes effect

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/12/18 8:00:45

Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs announced on Monday that the Infrastructure Protection Act (IPA), which is part of the city-state's counter-terrorism strategy, will take effect from December 18.

The new law aims at keeping Singapore safe and secure by protecting Singapore's critical infrastructure, and buildings that are iconic or have high public footfall, said the ministry, adding that these are especially attractive targets for terrorists.

Under the new law, the owners of affected buildings will be required to assess security risks of these buildings and incorporate suitable measures into the buildings' design. The measures include the deployment of security technology, security personnel, vehicle barriers, and strengthening the building against blast effects.

Meanwhile, the IPA will enhance security powers of Singapore's sensitive installations, such as military camps and immigration checkpoints, to better protect these locations and prevent terrorists from conducting pre-attack surveillance and planning.

A result of the enhanced security powers will be a ban against unauthorised photography and videography of the sensitive installations.

Furthermore, the ministry said Singapore will establish the Centre for Protective Security to enhance protective security.

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