Figuratively speaking

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/19 20:18:41

12 - the number of people winning the title of "Outstanding Craftsman of Dongcheng District." Among them, there are national level masters of arts and crafts, national model workers, and masters of baking and pastries. Some of them have built their own workshops and made great contributions to intangible cultural heritage protection.

12.8% - the average annual growth rate of Beijing farmers' income compared to 1978. With the implementation of China's reform and opening-up policy, the per capita net income of rural residents in Beijing is 24,240 yuan ($3,515) in 2017.  The per capita consumption expenditures of rural residents in Beijing was only 253 yuan in 1980, while in 2017, the number reached 18,810 yuan.

17m - the number of people that have visited the Palace Museum this year. Among them, visitors under 30 years old are 40 percent, visitors between ages 30 to 40 are 24 percent, and those between ages 40 to 50 are 17.5 percent, which shows that young people have become the dominate audience at the Palace Museum.

14,000 - the estimated number of newborns that the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is expected to deliver by the end of 2018. According to figures from the previous 11 months, there have been 12,143 newborns delivered in this hospital compared to last year's 15,203 newborns.


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