Belgian King accepts resignation of cabinet, no elections until May

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/12/22 8:40:51

King Philippe of Belgium accepted on Friday the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Charles Michel and confirmed it would stay on as a caretaker administration until the elections in May, the Royal Palace said in a communique.

The Belgian king asked the country's political officials and institutions to provide an appropriate response to the economic, budgetary and international challenges facing it, and to the population's expectations, particularly in the social and environmental fields.

He tasked the Speaker of the Chamber of Representatives and the Prime Minister respectively with providing him, at regular intervals, with a progress report on the conduct of daily business.

The King's decision puts an end to speculation of early elections and notes a political will to ensure the good management of the country until the next elections.

The new arrangements ensure Charles Michel's government will continue to handle "urgent and unavoidable" business, said Deputy Prime Minister Vold Alexander De Croo on Friday.

However, this also means that the government will no longer be able to take "new political initiatives" without the agreement of parliament, he added.

On a number of policy fronts, notably in the area of asylum, the resigning government will agree to abide by the decisions taken previously to limit the number of entries for asylum seekers, and further measures will be taken to prevent a new asylum crisis, explained De Croo.

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