Musical about origins of China’s Dragon Boat Melody to be staged at Beijing’s Minzu Theater

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/25 16:08:39

Chosen as one of 25 excellent folk song styles from around the world by UNESCO, China's Dragon Boat Melody has been performed for over 300 years in its hometown of Enshi in Central China's Hubei Province.

A new music drama celebrating this traditional musical style, Hometown of Dragon Boat Melody, will be staged at the Beijing Minzu Theater on Wednesday night.

According to the show's scriptwriter Zhou Longran, the headwaters of the Qing River were the birthplace of the Dragon Boat Melody, so the show starts with the river itself. In addition to local music, the show also incorporates the traditional dances of the local ethnic Tujia people.

Yan Bing, head of the Hubei Minzu Song and Dance Troupe, which is staging the show, said that the performance is an experiment in showcasing local songs and dances.

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