China, US need to build future together, says ex-US president

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/1/1 23:53:09

Former US President Jimmy Carter said on Monday that China and the United States need to build their futures together, for themselves and for humanity at large.

Beijing and Washington formally established their diplomatic ties on Jan. 1, 1979. "The 40th anniversary of this relationship is a testament to the ability of countries with different histories, cultures and political systems to work together for the greater good," Carter wrote in an article published in the Washington Post.

The normalization of the bilateral ties led to an era distinguished by peace in East Asia and the Pacific region, the 94-year-old said.

"China's spectacular economic growth, in conjunction with its continuing integration with the much larger US economy, has enabled the two countries to become engines of global prosperity," Carter added.

Carter also pointed out that the United States and China should continue to work together at global issues like the denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, counter-terrorism, environmental and climate change, and promoting development in Africa in particular.

Carter noted that the leaders of the two countries "must bring new vision, courage and ingenuity to new challenges and opportunities."

"I believe they (the leaders) also must accept our conviction that the United States and China need to build their futures together, for themselves and for humanity at large," he added.

Carter served as the 39th US president from 1977-1981.

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