Four officials punished for local election fraud in Henan Province village

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/3 18:28:39

Four officials in Mianchi county in Central China's Henan Province were punished for committing fraud in a local election, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily reported on Thursday.

The Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission of the Communist Party of China in Mianchi received tips on some officials casting invalid votes during an election for county officials and the county-level People's Congress in 2017.

After an investigation, the commission found that among the 663 villagers in Beiping village in Mianchi, only two went to the polling station on the election day. But the total of votes from the village was more than 400, which led to the election of Huang Yuqing, the head of the Party branch in Beiping village and one of the members of the county's People's Congress.

It turns out that because Huang did not promote villagers to vote on the election day, Beiping village only submitted two votes on the election day. Huang decided to deploy two teams made of village officials to go door to door to ask villagers to vote.

However, the two officials, named Huang Ziwei and Yang Liyu, filled in the votes themselves to save effort.

Huang Yuqing was placed on probation within the Party for poorly supervising wrong deeds, and he resigned his position as a member of the county People's Congress. Yang was expelled from the Party and two other officials in Beiping village received severe warnings.

Wrong deeds in elections severely violate democracy at the grass-roots level and affect the social stability, according to the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily.

Village officials filling in the votes violated people's right to vote, which should not be tolerated. More efforts should be made to perfect the system to avoid similar cases, an official from the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission in Mianchi was quoted by the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily as saying.

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