‘China Salesman’ seeks to capitalize on Sino-US trade row

By Wei Xi Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/7 17:38:39

Action film China Salesman will return to Chinese mainland theaters on Wednesday after a short release in 2017.

Starring Chinese actor Li Dongxue and former US professional boxer Mike Tyson, China Salesman tells the story of Chinese IT engineer Yan Jian (Li), who goes to an African country for a mobile telecom bidding competition against four other companies but later uncovers a major conspiracy.

First released in June, 2017, against Hollywood films Alien: Covenant and Wonder Woman and Indian megahit Dangal, China Salesman took in a total of about 10 million yuan ($1.46 million) after about two weeks in mainland theaters.

While the film was not well-received critically - it has respective scores of 5.7/10 and 3.9/10 on Chinese film sites Mtime and Douban, it seems that the film's producers hope the current rise in patriotism for Chinese brands amid the US-China trade row will help booster the film's box-office performance.

In a press statement released on Saturday, the film's producer Zhao Jianguo said that the story told in China Salesman is based on real issues.

"While passing on positive energies, the film is also portraying Chinese people's indomitable spirit of struggle," Zhao noted.

Ever since 2017's Wolf Warrior 2, the highest-earning film in China with a box office of 5.68 billion yuan, patriotic films have started to enjoy a wider audience.

China Salesman seems to be capitalizing on this as a scene similar to one from Wolf Warrior 2, in which the lead character raises the Chinese national flag during a battle, has been shown in trailers for the film.

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