Thrill rides only way to earn year-end bonus

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/7 17:52:07

A woman receives her "bonus" from a man in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, on January 22, 2011. More than 10 Web users in Guangzhou launched the "we all have yearend bonuses" campaign and distributed 1,000 red envelopes, each containing 1 yuan, on the city's subway trains. Photo: CFP

An employer in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality is testing its workers' courage and bravery before handing out the traditional annual bonus that is usually earned by employees at Chinese New Year after a year of hard work. 

The employees were invited to an amusement park and told they would get 500 yuan ($73) for each thrill ride they took. 

A video taken at the amusement park shows what looks like a 50-meter-tall "sky swing" that flies out over a cliff and back. Another ride features a giant arm that swings an open carriage high in the air before it does a seemingly death-defying stunt of turning upside down.  

"Our boss gives us 500 yuan per ride, and we'll get 19,000 yuan if we take them all," said one thrill-seeking employee. "I will definitely get the whole bonus," he said. 

Another overly nervous employee was resigned to not receiving a bonus this year.

"I'm so jealous. I'd keep going on those rides until the boss goes bankrupt if I worked for the company," a citizen told the Pear Video.

One netizen noted the practice was a little unjust, "the year-end bonus is to reward employees for their performance over the past year." 

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