China protests latest US warship presence near Xisha

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/7 20:53:39

China lodged solemn representations with the US and vowed to protect its national sovereignty and security, after a US navy ship sailed near the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea.

China dispatched aircraft and warships to warn the US vessel and has lodged a solemn representation with the US, Lu Kang, spokesperson of China's  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Monday's press conference.

Lu's remarks were made after US guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell sailed near the South China Sea on Monday in the name of carrying out a "freedom of navigation" operation to challenge China's maritime claims, Reuters quoted Pacific Fleet spokeswoman Rachel McMarr as saying in an emailed statement on Monday.

The US action has violated China's sovereignty and relevant international law. The activities also infringed upon the region's peace, security and order, Lu said.

Solving the existing problems, including trade frictions, is beneficial to both sides and the rest of the world, said Lu.

He noted that it's both the US and China's responsibility to create a good atmosphere for it.

Chen Xiangmiao, a research fellow at the Hainan-based National Institute for the South China Sea, told the Global Times that the US has increased its provocative activities since 2017 to normalize the so-called "freedom of navigation" in the South China Sea.

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