Government investigates Mongolian flag in North China classroom

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/8 17:59:20

The educational bureau in Chifeng, North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said the authorities are investigating the case of a middle school hanging the national flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia and sparking online discussions.

Pictures posted online showed that students sang and danced in a classroom with the national flag and the national emblem of Mongolia hung on the wall. The post accompanying the pictures said that they were taken in a middle school in Chifeng.

The post has sparked heated discussion online with many netizens questioning, "If the students are too young to understand the meaning of hanging the national flag of other countries' in classrooms, what are the teachers and leaders of the middle school intending to imply by indulging them to do so?"

Some netizens said that the pictures seemed to be taken when students celebrating the New Year and there is no need to link the individual incident to the topic of "dividing our country" or "admiring other countries."

The educational bureau in Chifeng said that local authorities conducted an investigation  and would release the result to the public soon.

The discussion of the incident went online on Tuesday. Since then, nearly 3 million netizens viewed the webpage with the hashtag "hanging the national flag of Mongolia in classroom" on Sina Weibo.

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