India can learn from China’s EV technology, management experiences

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/13 20:14:49

A Chinese man waits for his Chinese electronic vehicle (EV) to be powered-up at one of many charging stations in Beijing on October 14, 2018. Photo: VCG

China could introduce its technologies for electric vehicle (EV) batteries and charging, as well as electric car industry management experiences to India to help the latter's automobile industry, said analysts. 

Sales of domestic brand cars slumped in India last year, damping India's automobile industry growth. Nevertheless, it will offer an opportunity for Indian to explore EV industry development, Feng Shiming, a car analyst with Shanghai-based Menutor Consulting, told the Global Times on Sunday. 

Indian automobile giant Tata Motors announced a 7.7 percent decline in domestic sales in December 2018, Indian media Money Life reported on January 2. 

"This situation has put India's vehicle market in danger, but developing electric vehicles might be an option," Feng added. 

At the Fifth China EV100 Forum in Beijing held from January 11 to 13, Anil Srivastava, principal advisor at The National Institution for Transforming India under the Government of India, said that Chinese EV players could have a "very substantive role," according to a press release from the Indian Embassy on Sunday. 

EV100 is China's private EV association of more than 200 leading Chinese electric mobility industries. 

In his meeting with EV100 President Chen Qingtai, Srivastava said given the market size of India and China, there is huge cooperation potential for the EV industry growth of both countries. 

"The EV industries of both countries should have more interaction," Srivastava said, and he proposed an industry meeting in the first half of this year in Beijing, according to the press release. 

Chen confirmed that India is an important country for Chinese EV players and he welcomed Chinese industries' participation and investment in the Indian EV market, the release said. 

China was the largest EV market in 2018 and the government has been supportive in encouraging the industry's development, such as providing subsidies to EV buyers. 

Feng noted that the Indian automobile market has an advantage in small and medium-sized vehicles, which is another factor to develop its EV industry. 

Potential cooperation gives Chinese car makers an opportunity to explore the Indian market. "In the past, due to enterprise cultures and disputes between management layers and between Chinese and Indian workers, cooperation between the two countries' auto firms failed… It would be great if favorable policies could allow Chinese EV companies to do business in India," Feng said.


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