Five experimental delights to warm the stomach and the heart this winter

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/15 18:03:39

Bubble Milk Tea Cake Photo: Sina Weibo

Crawfish Sandwich Photo: Sina Weibo

The real hotpot seasoning (left) and the Hotpot Seasoning Cake Photo: IC and

Can you imagine cheese flowing down a hamburger like a waterfall? Have you ever eaten the cake that looks like Chinese hotpot seasoning? Have you ever seen how to put bubble tea in chiffon cake? These fancy foods have become increasingly popular on social media and attracted numerous customers, especially younger people, who will drive 1-2 hours just to try them. If the answer is no, let's look at 5 of the most popular restaurants in Beijing in which you can experience the above and more during this cold winter.

The Crawfish Sandwich

In the last year, the lobster hamburger has grown in popularity on Instagram. Now it's the turn of the crawfish sandwich, which has become a "hot" food on social media. Even though  the crawfish's size is smaller than the lobster, the crawfish sandwich from Xiaxiaoshi still has a decent taste. Since the restaurant, which is located on West Dawang Road, posted their products on social media, many sandwich and crawfish lovers have visited the establishment to try this new combination of two much-loved foods. The crawfishes are cooked with butter and natural spice and then boiled until the soup has been absorbed by the crawfish. They are then placed into a long piece of bread baked from the finest Canadian wheat. After taking a big bite, the meat of the crawfish slides into your mouth and you can't stop eating as the delicious taste of the wheat twists around your tongue.

The Cheese-fall Burger

Let's BURGER Plus is located at Taikoo Li in the Sanlitun area in Beijing. The signature cuisine for this restaurant is the Cheese-fall Burger. As the name implies, the cheese will overflow like a waterfall and it has attracted droves of curious customers. Before you start your meal, the waiter will pour hot cheese on the top of your burger so that it runs over the edges and covers it. Watching this scene is possibly better than eating the hamburger itself and that's the attraction of this restaurant. The cheese-fall burger not only looks good but it also has its "inner power." The double thick steak can satisfy your appetite and the thick fries with their manifold special toppings are justifiably very famous as well. 

Bubble Milk Tea Cake

This one is for the sweet lovers - the Bubble Milk Tea Cake. Bubble milk tea is not for drinking anymore! At the Coops Ziranxing, which is also located at Taikoo Li, it can now be eaten. Waiters will serve chiffon cake and bubble milk tea separately and it's up to you to pour the bubble milk tea with black sugar on top of the cake yourself. This is where an interest in food and DIY can go hand in hand. Chiffon cake has a very soft and round base and the bubbles flow down the edge of the cake like cascading waves, which gives a fantastic visual pleasure.

Wagyu Pizza Pie

Have you ever seen a pizza or pie worth 666 yuan ($98.64)? The chefs from Shanque Parus in Hunsand Space have paired these two favorites to create a brand new style of food. Its high price doesn't result from how big it is, but from its thickness. The restaurant declares that if you can finish this pizza pie on your own within 10 minutes, it will be free. This challenge has aroused netizens' curiosity and they have been eager to find out how big a single pizza pie is. The pizza pie looks like a pile of 3 or 4 normal-size pizzas and each pizza pie has 750 g Wagyu (Japanese beef) from Australia, which is nearly equal to two 12-inch pizzas and 4 burgers. The juicy beef and strong flavored cheese can satisfy about 8 adults. What's more, the pizza pie proves one truth, that is, the finest beef still tastes great no matter the form. 

Hotpot Seasoning Cake

Hotpot has played a special role in Chinese people's lives, especially in the cold winter. However, can you imagine a cake made with hotpot seasoning? Just kidding! Even though the cake is quite like hotpot seasoning, its outside is made from carrot and the inside is lemon flavored. However, to make it more similar to the real hotpot seasoning, the chef has added chili, star anise and Sichuan pepper as decoration and spice. They are all real spice, but it tastes quite weird compared to other flavors of cakes. However, its special flavor may also attract many customers. If you want to try it out, you can find the restaurant called Suixinxiaojie Ming Kitchen around the Workers' Stadium.

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