Firefighters use drone to help rescue grateful bull caught in water-filled pit

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/20 18:28:40

Firefighters in East China use drone to help rescue grateful bull caught in water-filled pit. Source: the Beijing News

Firefighters in East China completed one of their most unusual rescues and inadvertently created a viral video that features a black bull, a water filled pit and a drone.

The young bull had somehow become trapped on the wrong side of a 10-meter deep pit.  The firefighters in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province used a drone to fly one end of a rope 50 meters across the pool of water in the pit. 

When the rescuers descended into the pit, the bull seemed overly thankful and rushed toward them, causing a quick retreat. 

The men coaxed the animal into the crystal-clear water, which is often used by locals as a swimming hole, tied the rope around it and guided the bull to the other side of the pool and pulling it up to the floor of the cave.  

"We often rescue people from floods and that's how we came up with an idea of using a drone to send a rescue rope from one side to another," said Pingxiang police officer Yao Jun.

After the rescue, the firefighters were greeted with a spray of water from a rigorous shake by the bull, leaving a netizen to comment on Sina Weibo, "it's funny how the bull showed its appreciation."

The Beijing News


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