Mourinho admits he hid in laundry to skirt ban

Source:AFP Published: 2019/1/21 17:14:10

Jose Mourinho Photo: VCG

Manchester United's former coach Jose Mourinho admitted Saturday that he hid in a laundry basket during a two-match ban so he could sneak into the dressing room to give a team-talk before a Champions League match.

Mourinho, who sacked in December, skirted a touchline suspension on the eve of the 2005 quarter-final by getting the Chelsea equipment manager to help him stow away in the basket.

"I go to the dressing room during the day so I am there from midday and the game is seven o'clock. I just want to be in the dressing room when the players arrive," the 55-year-old recalled.

"I went there and nobody saw me. The problem was to leave after. And the kit man put me in the basket. It was a little bit open so I could breathe.

"But when he is taking it outside the dressing room, some people were following and desperate to find me so he closed the box and I couldn't breathe. When he opened the box I was dying."


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