Amusement park offers 'regret pill' for faint of heart

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/21 17:38:39

A cliff swing. Photo: IC

An amusement park that features a giant swing that hurls people over a hundreds-meter-high cliff in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality is offering "regret medicine" allowing riders who lose their nerve to stop the launch of the swing. 

It's for charity and for fun at the expense of the fearful. 

A rider in chair is lifted backwards 21 meters high until the chair is past horizontal. Once an operator pulls the release cord, the chair is thrown out over the cliff and back multiple times.  

A video on Ran News shows a woman screaming as her chair is slowly hoisted to the highest position. She didn't buy the "regret medicine" to stop the swing and is launched over the cliff.  

A rider takes "regret pill." Source: Beijing Time

"The 'regret medicine' is a simple vitamin tablet which we started to offer in December. The idea came from tourists. We took the advice to improve our service and do some good," an employee of the amusement park surnamed Zhao told the Beijing News on Friday.

Riders are required to sign a waiver and presumably they have the option of buying the "regret medicine."

"About 20 percent of the riders have ultimately purchased the 'regret medicine.' The money in the donation box is just over 100 yuan ($15), and we plan to donate it to charity," Zhao said.

"It is really creative to use people's courage to give to charity," one netizen commented.


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