China congratulates DR Congo’s president-elect

By Global Times – Agencies Source:Global Times - Agencies Published: 2019/1/21 21:08:40

China congratulated Felix Tshisekedi on winning the presidency of Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday, after the country's top court upheld the vote results. 

"China respects the choices made by Congolese people and congratulates Mr Tshisekedi on his election," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing. 

"China hopes that all parties in the country will work together to promote peace, stability and development of the country, and hopes that other countries will actively create favorable conditions for this goal."

After the court dismissed runner-up Martin Fayulu's call for a recount as "absurd," Tshisekedi was declared the winner with 38.5 percent of the vote, paving the way for him to take over from the country's longtime leader Joseph Kabila.

African nations on Sunday began recognizing Tshisekedi as DR Congo's incoming president, rejecting claims by the presidential candidate Martin Fayulu of an election stitch-up.

The 16-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC) along with Kenya also congratulated Tshisekedi on Sunday, calling for a peaceful handover of power.

"SADC calls upon all Congolese to accept the outcome, and consolidate democracy and maintain a peaceful and stable environment following the landmark elections," it said in a statement.

In a speech, Tshisekedi welcomed the victory and said he would seek to mend divisions in the country.

"This is the end of one fight and the start of another in which I will enlist all the Congolese people: a fight for well-being, for a Congo that wins," he said.

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