Dads get life lesson during exam with their kids

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/22 17:58:41

Dads take the test on how much they know about their children. Source: Xigua Video


Dads in Southeast China took mock exams at a primary school with their kids and barely managed a passing grade, showing that some fathers have some way to go in better understanding their children.

Datong Primary School in Xiamen, Fujian Province held the exams in an auditorium that was recorded for a webcast called "Fail the exam? No worries." 

The exam not only included questions about Chinese language and math but also daily life. None of the 50 dads got full marks and the average score was just 66.8 percent, Toutiao News reported on Monday.

Sitting back to back, the dads and their kids took the daily-life exam which included questions about the kids' classes, birthdays, friends and idols. Faced with the question "when was the last time dad lost his temper," some dads answered they hardly ever get angry, while many kids wrote they remember very clearly that their fathers recently got angry with them.

"I honestly don't have enough time to spend with my child," said one dad. 

Another said he is a good leader at work but subconsciously puts on airs of a master to his child.

The parent-child exam was designed to help fathers and kids better understand each other, said the school's headmaster Lu Jiayin.

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