Google’s Nest camera hacked broadcasts hoax nuclear attack alert to terrified family

Source:AFP Published: 2019/1/23 20:48:41

Nest urged owners of its security cameras Tuesday to use enhanced authentication to thwart hackers, after one terrified a family with a hoax nuclear missile attack.

A couple living in a California town told local media they experienced "sheer terror" over the weekend when a Nest security camera atop their family's television issued a realistic-sounding warning of missiles heading to the United States from North Korea.

The couple and their frightened child eventually figured out they had been targeted by a hacker who got control of speakers built into the camera.

Nest, which is owned by Google-parent Alphabet, told AFP that incidents of commandeered camera control in recent months were the result of hackers using passwords stolen from other online venues.

Reported incidents involving Nest cameras in the US  include a seemingly well-intended hacker telling someone that his data was exposed.


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