Husky makes a mess of cop shop

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/2/12 17:38:40

A young lost Husky is kept by the police in Central China's Hunan Province. Source: Pear Video

Police in Central China's Hunan Province thought they were doing the right thing by taking in a young lost Husky but later dubbed the dog a saboteur after it chewed up files and made a mess of their office.

A citizen in Changsha found the lost dog that appears to be a purebred, year-old Husky, and dropped it off at the police station. 

Even though the dog was on a short leash that was tied to a window sill, the cops made a key error leaving the husky unattended in their office. 

A Pear video, apparently shot by an officer, shows the dog sitting pretty on a chair, with chewed up papers and files scattered on the floor.

The officer gently, but sternly scolds the dog who sits with a pout on its face. "Oh my heavens," says the cop. "What? People don't like you?" he asked the Husky.  

Police have plastered multiple photos of the Husky on their Sina Weibo account, but the owner hasn't come forward. "The police turned the husky over to a local pet clinic," said the officer.

Pear Video


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