China calmly awaits result of negotiations

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/2/13 20:48:08

China and the US will hold high-level economic and trade consultations on Thursday and Friday. Both the US top leader's position and the US market reaction show the country's optimism about reaching a trade deal. While the US started the trade war, it is now more willing to reach an agreement with China.

China's attitude has been stable. On the one hand, China faces the trade dispute with a healthy mind-set. China aims at meeting people's needs for a better life and developing its economy. China has tried to meet the US halfway. On the other hand, China sticks to its bottom line of economic sovereignty and national security. China will never harm its fundamental interests. The policy has been tested by the trade war and we have seen the change in Washington's attitude.

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he would consider pushing back the deadline for trade negotiations with China if both sides are close to making a deal. 

Trump also said that he expected to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping and "make the parts of the deal that the group is unable to make."

Looking back upon the trade war, people's understanding is more profound. Although the US national strength is greater than China's, it's hard to tell whether Washington's impact or China's resistance is more powerful.

If the trade war goes on, which country will hang on longer? However, China does not expect such a situation. 

But compared with the time when the trade war had just started, there are now fewer American people who believe China will be hurt worse and yield more easily.

China and the US should be calmer after the trade war. There is a general trend that the two countries will reach an agreement. Their remaining disputes are to be resolved, and won't affect the whole situation.

Some US elites wish that the US is the only winner. They expect the trade deal could stop China's rise. But we believe President Trump understands that the true meaning of trade is reciprocity. He should know that negotiation is not the final deal, and negotiators shouldn't always be tough. A trade war is not a real war, anyway.

China-US trade consultation is entering a late stage. China should stay calm and cherish the hard-won current situation. The trade war is unlikely to deteriorate in the long run, but a single agreement cannot resolve all the disputes. 

Even when a deal is reached, it is possible that China-US trade relations will experience twists and turns. If they cannot reach a deal, the two countries may keep consulting and wait for another chance.

Chinese people should respect the US. Meanwhile, we should firmly respect ourselves. Doing our own jobs properly is more important than negotiating with others. This should be our unchanging attitude and principle.

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