Police officer helps boy with math homework

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/2/28 17:33:40

Photo: IC

Police officers have serious duties to perform but it's not always about catching a thief or preventing crimes. 

An officer in East China took it upon herself to settle a family quarrel by helping a young boy with his math homework and in the process settle his argument with his mother, on Monday night. 

Shi Zhan, a police officer in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, was on patrol with her colleague in a community where many migrant workers rent apartments. They were there to report potential fire hazards as many people in the area overload the electrical circuits in their substandard homes. 

Shi heard a boy arguing with his mother about a math question.

"That's not how the teacher taught us to do it," Shi overheard the boy saying. His mother was adamant that she had the right answer.  "It's definitely correct, you can turn in your homework like this, no problem," the mother said, according to Pear Video. 

Shi knocked on the family's door thinking she could stop the quarrel if she offered her help. After making her own calculations on the math question, Shi explained that the boy had used the correct method but got the wrong result. 

The mother's calculations, however, were wrong as she used the wrong method. 

"You can come to the police station and ask me next time if you have questions with your homework," Shi told the boy. 

Before leaving the family's home, Shi checked the family's residential card to make sure it was in order and told them that they cannot install new electric wires without a permit.

Global Times


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