China advances in AI with big data development

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/4 14:53:39

Participants watch a robot that is programmed to paint at an international exhibition in Beijing. Photo: IC

Most of the achievements in the industrialization of artificial intelligence (AI) are closely related to big data. Analysts believe that China has the exclusive advantages in the industrialization of AI due to its development of big data.

As China advances to a world-class level of AI technology and application, exhibitions and conferences under the theme of AI and big data have taken place nationwide in recent years. Recently, the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019, which will be launched in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, in May, aims to focus on the latest technological innovation and achievements of big data and explore the modern changes in big data and AI development. The fifth expo will bring international companies in relative fields together to discuss the integration of big data and AI.

According to the development plan for the new generation of AI technology released by the Chinese government in July 2018, China's overall AI technology and application will be catching up to the world's advanced level by 2020 and China will become the world's major AI innovation center by 2030, People's Daily Overseas Edition reported in September 2018.

AI enables more types and larger volumes of data to be processed and analyzed rapidly, and therefore parallels with the development of big data. Currently, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces are the regions where the development of domestic AI enterprises is developing relatively fast. These regions are also where the big data is widely allocated. The number of Chinese AI companies is growing, ranking second in the global market, according to an Economic Daily's report in September 2018.

Todd White, subject matter expert in AI and digital transformation, told the Global Times that as a global implementer of digital transformation, China has a very strong vision and direction in AI, and said that China will be quickly adapting to the digital transformation due to its open culture. "We talk about machine learning, AI and digital transformation. Everything that enables us is data. The Chinese culture is very acclimated to interfacing on a routine basis with smart phones with all of that information and they welcome that information, while in the US and the UK, it is a little more guarded in terms of data sensitivity," White said. "So China will be the first all-digital society and we see that as a huge opportunity."

Cao Heping, professor at the School of Economics at Peking University, agreed that the insensitivity to data indicates that Chinese people are more willing to implement open property rights and access. "These kinds of digital property rights give China advantages in the institutional cost of big data mining in the establishment of the digital economy," Cao said. Meanwhile, he also noted that the [use of] big data has to be well regulated, otherwise, it is likely that the general public will have no privacy at all for many years to come.


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