Court rejects appeal of 'vulgar' trademark

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/5 17:38:40

Li Chen (left) and Wilber Pan Wei-po attend an event in 2013. Photo: IC

The Beijing High People's Court rejected on Friday an appeal by two Chinese celebrities whose proposed trademark for their fashion brand had been ruled invalid because of its vulgar insinuation by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board in 2016.

The board had ruled the couple's two trademarks were vulgar and impermissible. In Putonghua both proposed trademarks could mean "motherf**cker."  

The disputed trademark, "MLGB," was registered by Li Chen, a Chinese television anchor and Wilber Pan Wei-po, a Chinese singer who operate a Shanghai-based fashion wear company. 

They contend the letters "MLGB" stand for "Making life getting better," Beijing Times reported.

But the court wasn't buying it and agreed with the trademark review board, saying the acronym was clearly meant to indicate the common vulgarity. The court said such a vulgar name would have a bad influence on young people. 

The company has been attempting to overturn the trademark board's ruling since 2016 and has used the trademark since it applied to register it in 2010. It has appeared on 25 items of clothing, shoes and hats.

Global Times


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