Expert urges Zambia to emulate China's long-term economic planning model

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/3/6 1:51:05

Zambia should emulate China's long-term economic planning model to improve economic development for the benefit of its citizens, an expert said on Tuesday.

Owen Sichone, a lecturer at the School of Humanities at the Copperbelt University, said China's long-term economic growth model has resulted in an industrialized economy which accelerated the economic growth of the Asian nation.

"Despite China being faced with problems, the country was still determined to achieve its long-term economic growth by building industries that have brought about development," he said.

The expert said China's economic growth path has tremendously improved as a result of industrialization which has come about through long-term implementation plan.

Zambia, he said, should take advantage of the sound China-Zambia bilateral relations to foster and transform its economy by learning from China's long-term model.

According to him, income savings have also contributed to building a strong economy in China and transforming people's lives.

"Zambians should also think of Chinese way of saving, when you save you will have income and you will be independent," he said.

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