Huawei tops brand recognition ranking in China market

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/14 20:08:40

The logo for Huawei is seen at the company's headquarters in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province on March 6. Photo: VCG

The proportion of Chinese consumers holding more positive views of domestic brands than foreign ones has doubled over the past five years, according to a market survey conducted by the Global Times, indicating Chinese people's increasing recognition  of homegrown brands, which also gained reputation in the global market.

The survey was conducted online and collected more than 30,000 data samples over the past five years. The number of samples used for the 2019 survey was 3,447.

The top 10 most favored brands are all based in China, with telecoms giant Huawei standing in top position, followed by e-commerce players Taobao,, Tmall and Alipay, according to the survey.

In 2019, nearly 40 percent of the respondents chose a domestic brand in response to the question of whether they "trust domestic brands or foreign brands more," while 30 percent put equal trust in both categories. Nevertheless, only 20 percent of respondents chose foreign brands over domestic brands.

The image of Chinese brands has also improved rapidly among domestic consumers over the past five years, the survey showed. In 2019, nearly 90 percent of respondents gave "very good" or "OK" evaluations to Chinese brands.

The survey also asked consumers to evaluate the brands in eight aspects: price, quality, service, technology content, originality, innovation, cultural content and business ethics. Domestic brands gained high evaluations in cost performance, but they received low recognition in terms of originality, cultural content and business ethics.

The survey also found that consumer confidence in Chinese brands reaching international standards is improving year-on-year, which indicates that China's manufacturing capacity has gradually been recognized by consumers.

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