Woman almost kills herself trying to stay healthy with fruit concoction

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/18 18:13:15

Photo: IC

Emergency room at a hospital Photo: IC

 A woman in Central China who thought she could more fully absorb the nutrients in fresh fruit almost died after injected juice directly into a vein. 

The woman surnamed Zeng, 51, from Chenzhou, Hunan Province, loves folk remedies and came up with the idea of injecting juice into her body. 

"I thought fresh fruit was beneficial to health, and so I never expected it could cause fatal consequences," Zeng later told local newspaper Xiaoxiang Morning Herald. 

Zeng blended some 20 fruits and after filtering them she injected the juice. Soon after she came down with a fever and itchy skin.  She didn't tell anyone what she had done, until her husband noticed her symptoms. 

Her frightened husband immediately took her to a local hospital, but she was later transferred to a larger hospital for the critically ill as condition was too complex for the local hospital to handle. 

 Zeng was in the intensive care unit for five days where she was treated for a severe systematic infection, coagulation disorders and dysfunction of multiple organs. She could have died from organ failure or suffered a hemorrhoea, the newspaper reported. 

"Her white blood cells must have fought an extremely tough battle. Poor cells!" One netizen wrote on Sina Weibo. 

Xiaoxiang Morning Herald


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