‘Vulgar’ coconut drink ads banned by regulators for distasteful and sensationalist content

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/19 17:08:40

Coconut Palm Company, one of China's leading beverage companies based in South China's Hainan Province, has been ordered to stop broadcasting its controversial advertisements on television, according to a post on the WeChat account of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) on Monday. 

The commercials for the coconut-based drinks are "sensational, vulgar" and go against social values, which could be "misleading to the general public, especially the under-aged," reads the statement released by the industry regulator.  

Coconut Palm Company was founded in 1956, and is one of the nation's oldest beverage brands, but lately the company has been mired in a firestorm for its unsophisticated and sometimes distasteful language in its advertisements. Many have complained the commercials are vulgar. 

It has released a number of commercials which have claimed their drinks can help boost sex appeal. In February, the company was slammed for an advert picturing scantily clad women which claimed its drinks could increase bust size. Other commercials, including ones that claim its pomegranate juice products can help improve male impotence have also been a target of criticism. 

So far the company has not responded to the SAPPRFT decision, but it released a statement in February addressing the controversy over its commercials, in which the company denied any wrongdoing and claimed that it has not violated any advertising laws in China. 

The decision to ban Coconut Palm commercials on broadcast networks is part of a government-led crackdown on advertisements that are borderline pornographic or which contain exaggerated and misleading claims. Other commercials that are banned include those for capsules that claim to boost sexual performance and sperm motility from a company called Qiangsheng.


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