Loyal dog reluctant to let bride leave

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/20 17:38:40

Photo: VCG

A bridegroom in Central China, who had come to collect his bride from her home on their wedding day, faced a double challenge when the family dog attempted to prevent the bride from leaving. 

Chinese wedding-day tradition requires the groom to collect the bride from her family home as friends and relatives form a fun and humorous blockade until the groom forks over lucky red packets stuffed with a bit of cash.

The groom named Longlong, from Baofeng county, Henan Province, is seen in a video posted on Btime.com on Monday wearing a formal black suit, carrying flowers and accompanied by friends . 

He is about to knock on the door of his new in-laws' apartment, when he encounters the family's shy six-year-old white dog.  

It stubbornly lies across the threshold of the apartment's entrance, seemingly understanding it is about to lose a family member. 

"I was so touched" by its loyalty, said one of the wedding witnesses. 

The bride's father finally acted as a peacemaker and carries the reluctant dog away.

"My dog came out again and we had to put him in a room and close the door," said the bride.

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