‘Traitor’ dog leads police to suspect

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/21 17:23:40

A poodle lies on the sofa. Photo: VCG

Police in an East China city finally managed to catch a drug-addicted suspect with the help of her poodle on Sunday.

The police of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province knocked on the suspect's door but only heard the dog's barking in reply. After they entered the room by force, they found no one inside except the poodle wagging its tails. 

"Where is your master? Are you alone," a police officer said. He asked the dog which didn't reply but soon became friendly with the officers, according to video on Miaopai.com. 

The police left to search another of the suspect's apartments and when they returned to the first apartment they noticed the dog staring at a bedroom wardrobe.

Police didn't find the suspect after they opened and searched the wardrobe, but soon discovered the woman hiding in a space behind it.

The suspect told police she had raised the poodle for nine years and they were very close. 

She said she never expected her beloved dog would "betray" her to the police.

Qianjiang Evening News


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