Chinese footballer Wei Shihao deserves severe punishment for malicious tackle

By Lu Wenao Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/25 19:35:21

Photo: VCG

Once again, Wei Shihao made headlines not by his convincing performance but through his malicious tackle. 

During Monday's China Cup match against Uzbekistan, he tackled Uzbek winger Otabek Shukurov, with one of his boots directly hitting the right shank of Shukurov, who was later stretchered out and brought to a hospital.

A follow-up scene saw Wei arguing with the referee who gave him a yellow card. But his action toward Shukurov deserved a red card rather than a yellow one. Though he said his act was unintentional, he said he was just "too desperate to win."

A humiliating defeat to Thailand at the China Cup has put pressure on the Chinese players, but such action on the pitch is disrespectful to the opponent and unbearable to the fans. Initial reports suggested Shukurov suffered a fracture.

Wei was also booked a yellow card in China's 1-0 defeat to Thailand last week. 

Controlling one's temper is essential, but is also indispensable to footballers as sportsmanship requires athletes to be fair, ethical and respectful. 

As a professional footballer who has experienced top-level football, Wei has no excuse.

Born in 1995, Wei started his professional career in Portugal, and was considered "talented" among the younger generation of Chinese footballers. The last three seasons in China saw him journeying from Shanghai SIPG to Beijing Guoan before joining Guangzhou Evergrande. 

But the reckless tackle has become one of frequent actions by Wei in the Chinese Super League (CSL). It is time for the 23-year-old to gain some "genuine" match experience. 

Seven-time CSL champions Guangzhou introduced a high-profile club regulation in February, which includes a clause saying anyone who severely violates professional ethics will be dismissed. 

It is still unknown how Guangzhou will handle the case but the Chinese Football Association should consider punishing Wei further, or his evil behavior will continue both at home and abroad. 

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