Racial profiling of Chinese-Americans makes people shudder

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/9 22:48:40

Ethnic Chinese people in the US feel being targeted due to the speeches of some government officials, scholars and China observers, a representative of the local Chinese community said on Tuesday. 

Charlie Woo, Public Policy Engagement Committee Chair of the Committee of 100 (C100), a non-partisan leadership organization of prominent Chinese-Americans, told the Global Times that Chinese-Americans are frequently labeled as "spies," which has a negative impact on their daily lives, and makes people shudder.   

In a statement, C100 on Sunday condemned the increasing racial profiling of Chinese-Americans in the US. "Chinese-Americans are being targeted as potential traitors, spies, and agents of foreign influence," said the statement. 

Woo cited hydrologist Sherry Chen and physicist Xiaoxing Xi as two examples of how Chinese-Americans are being groundlessly charged of stealing US companies' secrets. 

These charges, although dismissed, had nearly destroyed their lives, Woo said. 

Woo pointed out that "being targeted" is collectively felt by the Chinese community rather than to specific cases. 

Woo stressed that "such targeting of individuals based on their ethnic heritage or national origin violates our shared American ideals. It simply has to stop."

In the last few years, a few high American government officials, respected media outlets and opinion leaders have stated or suggested that all Chinese people in the US should be suspected of wrongdoing, said the Sunday statement. 

"Even as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our non-profit organization, our community has come under attack again," according to the statement.

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