Experiment on the power of words not exactly scientific

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/11 17:28:40

The disparaged radishes spoils more quickly than those that were verbally extolled in the experiment. Source: btime.com

 Teachers at a primary school in Southwest China thought they had come up with a cute science experiment but soon learned they had reached the wrong conclusion, after their methodology was roundly criticized on social media.

Teachers at the school in Chengdu, Sichuan Province got students to grow radishes under similar conditions, except one batch were bombarded with criticism and the other lavished with praise. 

After the experiment, they concluded that the disparaged radishes spoiled more quickly than those that were verbally extolled. "The difference between the radishes was caused by good and bad words."

Chinese netizens said the conclusion was unscientific.

An employee of the local education bureau told the btime.com that the experiment was designed to teach moral education, to show students the power of words.

Other netizens saw humor in the experiment that didn't exactly follow the scientific method. "I don't need a refrigerator any more, praising vegetables every day can keep them fresh," wrote a Weibo user.

Another netizen pleaded with others on social media not to overreact, "fairy tales also can educate children." 



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