Dorm mom turns master’s student

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/18 18:38:40

A female graduate student takes her two children at her graduate ceremony. Photo: IC

 Yuan Menyuan, 49, a dormitory staffer at Shanghai Jiaotong University is returning to university as a master's student at Guangxi University, while her son seeks the same degree at Fudan University.

Yuan currently works as a houseparent, but has also taken courses at the university for three years. 

"I am fond of attending lectures, as different teachers offer new ideas and help me cultivate critical thinking," she said. 

Last year her son made up his mind to take the national graduate exams, and Yuan became his study partner.

Yuan said learning English was the biggest challenge. She said she took more than 500 online English courses.

She also chatted with international students on campus and was finally able to pass the English test. 

"I never dream of being a graduate student, but my son encouraged me. I hope I can pursue a doctor's degree," Yuan said. 

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