Woman claims cotton wool left in her nose half a year after nose job

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/21 13:48:39

A woman is getting a nose job. Photo: IC

A woman in Nanchang, East China's Jiangxi Province, found that a piece of cotton wool came out of her nose when she sneezed about half a year after getting a nose job at a local plastic surgery, but the clinic has refused to take responsibility.

The woman, surnamed Zhu, said that she spent 26,000 yuan ($3,879) on a rhinoplasty at a local plastic surgery clinic in October 2018. 

She thought the clinic did not do a good job, and had felt discomfort in her nose ever since.  

The clinic later performed reconstructive surgery for her but the discomfort in her nose remained. 

"The cotton ball was covered with blood and was rotten and smelt bad. Then a lot of blood came out of my nose. I noted that it must have been left by one of the plastic surgeons from the clinic during the rhinoplasty," said Zhu.

However, the clinic has refused to take any responsibility. 

According to the clinic, Zhu had already signed an agreement with them terminating the clinic's responsibility on any further issues after they performed the reconstructive surgery on her and compensated her 10,000 yuan ($1,492). 

"A person would not be able to breathe if a piece of cotton wool was stuck in the nasal cavity. We need to figure out first whether the cotton ball was actually left by our surgeons during the surgery and hope Ms Zhu can provide evidence. We will take full responsibility if the mistake was done by us," said the head of the clinic.

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