Armed forces training program reveals secrets of ‘mission impossible’

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/21 14:38:39

An excavator is used to write Chinese calligraphy. Source: The Paper

A professional program that focuses on training construction equipment operators has attracted hundreds of armed forces members from ten provinces in recent days.

More than 200 armed police officers and soldiers have gathered in a camp area to learn the magic of "construction equipment operation." 

The trainers all have rich practical experience and have participated in many rescue missions. Many of them have a lot to offer to the new learners, as many tasks are regarded as "mission impossible" in most people's eyes.

In one video clip, a young officer uses an excavator to write Chinese calligraphy.  

Also, VR technology is being fully used in the daily training to help trainees learn how to operate the loaders in a real-life environment. 

A total of 44 special courses will be studied during the program. Experts will be invited to give lectures while professional construction equipment operators will set examples by themselves in on-site practice. 

The performance appraisal is composed of theory, basic operation, and on-site practice, with a view to helping trainees independently carry out specific missions in the future.

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