Old lady ‘comes back to life’ after police mistakenly declare her dead

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/21 15:58:39

China's household register. Photo: IC

An elderly woman in Northeast China got the shock of her life after she was informed that local police had declared her dead five years ago, but has now "come back to life" after paying for re-registration.

Wen Shuyun, 77, in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, got a call from Harbin Human Resources and Social Security Network asking if she was alive. "If I were dead, how could I answer the phone? How infelicitous," said angry Wen, China News reported Friday.

The authorities had suspended her pension as she was "dead," Wen said.

Wen then went to the police station and found that her hukou, China's household registration, had been canceled in October 2017 and she had been issued a death certificate in June 2014.

Faced with the living Wen, the police charged her seven yuan ($1) and helped her re-register the same day.

The police explained that they canceled the hukous of senior citizens who could not be contacted.

However, Wen was still puzzled how they confirmed her "death."

Challenged by Wen, the police said it was their fault and they would rectify the mistake.

The incident scared Wen so much that she lost three kilograms in weight, but no officials have apologized to her.

China News


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