Festival Croisements 2019 to shed light on cultural exchanges

By Zhang Xingjian Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/22 16:38:39

Robert Lacombe (right) awards Zhao Wei as the publicity ambassador for Festival Croisements 2019. Photo: Courtesy of Zhao Wei


Festival Croisements 2019, which runs by the French Embassy in China from Friday to July 6, is an annual art festival that promotes Sino-French cultural exchanges. 

The embassy also appointed Chinese actress Zhao Wei as the publicity ambassador for Festival Croisements 2019 on April 11 in Beijing.

Zhao, 43, is a household name in China thanks to her consummate acting skills in films and TV series like Princess of China (1998), Romance in the Rain (2001) and Dearest (2014). 

Considered one of the highest paid actresses in Chinese-speaking regions, Zhao has boasted more than 86 million followers on her personal Sina Weibo account.

"As an artist, I would like to make Chinese culture and art better known to French people and to present the essence of French culture to Chinese, so I decided to be the ambassador this year," the actress told the Global Times in an exclusive interview on April 11. Zhao also mentioned that she has a special feeling for French culture because she has many valuable memories of the country. "I presented my first production So Young at the 3rd Chinese film festival (Festival du cinéma chinois en France) in Paris in 2013. In 2018, the Chinese celebrity reality show Chinese Restaurant was also shot in Colmar, a small charming and romantic city in my eyes, which inspired me a lot and helped me better understand how to interact with French people," Zhao said. 

"After 13 years, the festival has been acclaimed by the public, the media and culture lovers in China, and has managed to promote a rich and ever-expanding dialogue between the two countries," said Jean-Maurice Ripert, the French Ambassador to China, "This recognition is a sign that cultural cooperation remains a pillar of our bilateral relationship."

"President Xi Jinping's visits to France and President Macron's upcoming visit to China in 2019 show that the strength of the ties between our two countries lies not only in trade but also in academic, educational and cultural exchanges," the ambassador said.

In a globalized world, where diversity of cultural expression is a critical requirement for nations and individuals alike, France's conviction and commitment are inseparable from the hands-on promotion of our industries and the major French cultural "brands," said Robert Lacombe, counselor for cooperation and cultural affairs of the French Embassy in China. Lacombe also recommended a unique exhibition held by the Paris-based Picasso Museum. Titled Birth of a Genius, it marks the largest Picasso retrospective ever organized in China, and will be held at the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art in Beijing.


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