Stronger PLA Navy enhances world peace

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/22 21:48:40

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy will hold multinational naval activities from Monday to Thursday to celebrate its 70th anniversary. The opening ceremony was held Monday, and a maritime parade is scheduled on Tuesday in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province. The PLA Navy is undoubtedly the focus of the world's naval forces.

The PLA Navy is a microcosm of China's rapid development. Whatever new warships will be debuted at the parade will attract much attention. Which countries send a delegation to the event would be regarded as a symbol of China's military and diplomatic influence.

Some Western media said China's upcoming maritime parade is a muscle show. This is not surprising. The West still dislikes China's rise.

But China's rise is an important reality. It is all parties' shared benefit to manage such reality. China not only cares about its own development. It also cares about other parties' interests and feelings. Other parties should not hold back China's development, especially not label such containment as morality and justice.

What new Chinese warships will make their debut in the parade may not be as important. It is an open secret that China has built its second aircraft carrier, new nuclear submarines and destroyers. More Chinese aircraft carriers will be made. The PLA Navy will be more skilful in offshore defense and more powerful toward distant waters.

But the PLA Navy hasn't engaged in battle in 30 years. The US, UK and French media should stay discreet when labeling China's maritime parade as a muscle show, because their countries' navies have all been in controversial wars in the past 30 years. US aircraft carriers have bombed small countries without UN authorization.

China's military expenditure as a percentage of GDP is much less than that of the US or any other military power. Our military defense still concentrates on offshore areas. Some countries make irresponsible remarks on such defense policy because they are selfish and narrow-minded. 

The PLA Navy's 70th anniversary celebration is open and righteous. Neighboring countries, some of which have territorial and diplomatic disputes with China, sent warships to the ceremony. This shows that China and these countries' co-management of China's rise has been successful. The so-called China military threat did not hinder their relations with China.

China's military forces are used to maintain peace. China's aircraft carriers will never go to distant waters to punish small countries, and our naval force will never cruise near hostile countries' shore and force them to sign unfair treaties. A powerful PLA Navy will not imitate those maritime empires. 

But no country should show off their strength in China's offshore area. One of China's purposes behind building a powerful navy is to make external forces more restrained at China's doorsteps. Chinese people have the ability and confidence to protect national sovereignty and regional security. East Asia will not become the Balkans. Nor will the Western Pacific Ocean resort to war to resolve disputes.

Major countries' navies grew powerful in history because of the need to expand. But the PLA Navy has become powerful because it does not want to be bullied. Although China has disputes with part of the outside world, it has the will to resolve issues peacefully. The world should understand China's military and diplomatic philosophy to really understand China.

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