Kenyan anti-graft campaigners decry rising levels of corruption

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/4/24 9:22:47

Kenya's Multi-sectoral Initiative Against Corruption (MSIAC) on Tuesday decried the rising levels of corruption in the country.

The initiative, which brings together government, private sector, civil society, international partners and academia, said that the burden of corruption is weighing heavily on the back of every Kenyan.

"Corruption has found safe havens in the national and county governments, judiciary, legislature, private sector and civil institutions," said Lee Karuri, MSIAC co-chairman.

Karuri noted that poor Kenyans are the ones bearing the blunt of the consequences of corruption.

"Corruption has made it difficult if not impossible for the poor people to access essential basic services without paying a bribe," he added.

According to the anti-graft movement, corruption in Kenya has grown very deep roots and is endemic.

"State institutions which are mandated to fight corruption are deliberately being undermined, discredited, neglected or underfunded to weaken them," Karuri said.

He revealed that corruption continues to reign havoc on people's lives by slowing the economy and investments to such levels that millions of young men and women are jobless.

"Those lucky enough to have gainful employment or generate income from their work carry extremely heavy burdens of supporting the extended families and taking on responsibilities which rightful should be borne by the government from the taxes they pay," he added.

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