‘Focus on Italy’ press conference held at Italian embassy

By Huang Yiran Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/24 20:32:01

The Italian Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Lucia Borgonzoni (second from left) takes a photo with the Italian Ambassador to China Ettore Sequi (first from right) and guests at the "Focus on Italy" press conference. Photo: Courtesy of Movie View

 With the melody of "Beautiful that way" - the theme song from the renowned Italian movie La Vita è bella (Life is Beautiful) (1999) playing aloud, the press conference of "Focus on Italy" kicked off at the Italian embassy in Beijing on April 18. The press conference is part of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BIFF), which aims at promoting more excellent Italian movies to China as well as further cooperation between the Chinese and Italian film industry.

After a VCR about the achievement of the "China Project" - a series of promotional film campaigns held by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in Italy over the past two years, Italian Ambassador to China Ettore Sequi welcomed all guests and friends from Italy and China. He says that film is a good way to communicate regardless of language and hopes China and Italy can deepen their communication through films.

The Italian Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Lucia Borgonzoni said that this is her first time to come to China. She introduced the content of the 2nd "From Venice to China" film promotion campaign, saying that six excellent Italian films would be shown, including Death in Venice (1971) and The Anarchist Banker (2018). 

Borgonzoni said that she is not the lead character of today's event, but the six films selected from the last year's Venice International Film Festival are. "This trip to China is a good chance to confirm and kick off the new round of the 'China Project.' I'd like to invite Chinese peers to attend the 4th 'Focus on China' during the Venice International Film Festival," Borgonzoni said.

The six films were shown at the China Film Archive in Beijing from April 12 to 21.

In recent years, the Venice International Film Festival has continuously introduced Chinese films to Italian audiences. It has played a significant role in the cooperation in the film industry between the two countries. At the conference, Borgonzoni together with Fu Xuanguo, secretary-general of the committee of the Hainan International Film Festival, announced a new cooperation project. More excellent Italian films are expected to meet Chinese audiences at the Hainan International Film Festival, which will be held in December. 

"We also expect Italian friends to participate in the Hainan International Film Festival and bring excellent Italian films to Hainan, and to China, so that Chinese audiences can have more opportunities to enjoy the film and understand the culture of Italy," Fu said.

As the promotional ambassador of "From Venice to China," Chinese actress Tan Zhuo was invited to the activity and gave a speech. A Venice International Film Festival nominee, she expressed her affection for Italian films and wished to deepen cooperation between Chinese and Italian moviemakers.

"Venice steals my heart," said Tan. "I love Italy very much. I love its food, art, design, and most of all, movies. I believe you will fall in love with Italy as I did after watching these films."


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