Time for US to recognize BRI’s value

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/24 21:49:22

The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will kick off on Thursday in Beijing on a larger scale and with higher-level participants than last year. The summit is expected to have abundant outcomes.

Cooperation under the framework of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been developing amid doubts and even challenges. The initiative has turned into a mutually beneficial cooperation mechanism with an increasingly optimistic outlook. 

After breaking out of geographical and other limits by taking in both developing and developed countries, the BRI is gradually becoming a fairer and more efficient platform and method for cooperation in the 21st century. 

China is the initiator of BRI and an important participant as well. The BRI upholds the spirit of wide consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. Amid the current complex international situation, all the countries involved in the BRI are exploring, and will thus sometimes encounter problems.

But looking back on the past five years, the BRI has made marvelous achievements. 

First, the BRI has been positively recognized and accepted. Except for a very few countries like the US that publicly opposed the BRI, France, Germany, Britain, Japan and the European Union - all major allies of the US - have sent high-level envoys to the summit.

Second, an increasing number of countries have signed up to the initiative, which involved more projects. They summed up their experiences of cooperation and made their cooperation more open and rational. Collaboration with third-party markets is more frequently introduced, which increases support from the international community. 

Third, following the steps of the US, some Western public opinion criticized the BRI, accusing it of setting a "debt trap." However, these accusations are not consistent with the facts and are rejected in developing countries. None of the accusations from the US has actually affected the BRI cooperation in a wide range.

Fourth, BRI has gradually brought together the development needs, capital and technology around the world, and formed a super platform for international cooperation. The platform is forming and operating simultaneously with self-growth and self-improvement. Its inherent power has surpassed external resistance, making opponents like the US incapable of action.

Fifth, mutual benefit and win-win is the BRI's inherent principle. All unequal cooperation modes pale in comparison with the pragmatic BRI. The BRI has promoted to the globe this principle which is advocated and practiced by all countries, a major upgrade in international cooperation.

Thanks to the BRI, countless funds have been activated around the world, and many unnoticed countries and regions have resumed vitality. 

US opposition to the BRI is completely driven by geopolitics, as are other Western public opinions. But they have neglected the fact that most countries place economic development at the top of their national interests, including the US and China. 

One needs courage to set aside prejudice and face reality. Some insightful people in the US believe that Washington should not ignore the benefits the BRI projects have brought to the world economy.

Washington and its followers should be brave to acknowledge the BRI's success, and to build relationships with the BRI and jointly shape the future.


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