Duke Kunshan University in Jiangsu Province holds first TEDx Talk

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/28 17:10:54

Wang Jie, a full-time writer and vocal online proponent of the popularization of science, speaks at Duke Kunshan University's first TEDx Talk on Wednesday in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Photo: Courtesy of Sun Nan

Six speakers covering different professional topics including cancer charity foundations, the popularization of science and visual arts presented their ideas at Duke Kunshan University's first TEDx Talk, which was held in Kunshan, East China's Jiangsu Province, on Wednesday.

One of the speakers was Li Zhizhong, a graduate from Duke University who has a PhD in Pharmacology and Cancer Biology and years of working experience in a pharmaceutical company in the US. Aware of how far child cancer treatment in China was lagging behind the US, he resigned and moved back to China in 2018 to devote himself to charity. Noticing how the lack of reliable child cancer knowledge and information were impacting the treatment of patients in China, he and other volunteers began translating foreign works about child cancer and writing their own original articles, which they uploaded to their official website to educate worried parents and underinformed doctors.

During his talk, Wang Jie, a full-time writer and vocal online proponent of the popularization of science, demonstrated his evidence pyramid, which showcases the trustworthy priorities of different information sources so audiences can learn how to judge and value information they are provided with. Wang told the Global Times that he believes the public doesn't necessarily need specific scientific knowledge so much as critical and scientific minds. This is supported by data from the internet as Wang's videos conveying the spirit of scientific research attract far more subscribers and netizens than ones containing pure scientific knowledge.

Visiting professor to Duke Kunshan University Miguel Rojas-Sotelo gave a talk on vision arts and environmental protection. Having been in China for nearly nine months, Rojas-Sotelo organized an Environment Film and Art Festival themed around water towns earlier this month. Looking to combine his roles of visual artist, filmmaker and curator, Rojas-Sotelo has a particular interest in filming documentaries exploring the connections between humankind and the environment. He noted that two of his favorite environmental documentaries were directed and produced by Chinese and he looks forward to cooperating with Chinese filmmakers as well.

Each speech lasted for around 15 minutes. The three other speakers shared their ideas on business strategies and implementation, how longevity is influenced by different factors and what a person should do to keep up with a changing world. Professor Gao Haiyan, the vice chancellor for academic affairs at Duke Kunshan University, said she hoped the diverse talks would encourage the audience to explore the world around them further.

TEDx is a program that aims to bring TED's mission of spreading valuable ideas to local communities around the world. Su Zhou, an administrator at Duke Kunshan University, told the Global Times that the TEDx Talk will be broadcast worldwide.  

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