Pompeo stands in way of stable China-US relations

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/8 18:11:49

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out at China during the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Finland, asking "do we want Arctic nations broadly - or indigenous communities specifically - to go the way of former government in Sri Lanka or Malaysia, ensnared by debt and corruption?"

Pompeo also accused China of calling itself a "near-Arctic state" and saying that "there are only Arctic states and non-Arctic states. No third category exists." 

He also accused Russia of "aggressive" behavior in the Arctic and proclaiming that "Russia is already leaving snow prints in the form of army boots."

The Arctic Council is an intergovernmental forum of eight Arctic countries with the mission to protect the environment in the largely frigid region and promote sustainable economic and social development. China, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Singapore were granted observer status in 2013. 

As former CIA director, Pompeo's way of thinking has never quite aligned with his new position. He has only "threats" and "adversaries" in his eyes, and lacks interest in cooperation. In addition, he has the characteristics of the "Tea Party" and has a strong sense of racial superiority.

He compared the Arctic Ocean to the South China Sea, especially reflecting his obsession with extreme geopolitics. He indeed deserves to go back to the last century.

China is not an Arctic country. It has always adhered to the principle of not intervening in matters specific to Arctic countries. At the same time, the climate and environmental changes in the region are related to the development of all mankind. As a responsible country, China is of course a stakeholder in Arctic affairs and an official observer state. Then why blame it?

In fact, China's cooperative attitude has been welcomed by countries in the Arctic. These nations are relatively developed societies with strict laws and investment regulations. Does Pompeo see Russia, Iceland and others as gullible indigenous societies?

The South China Sea is farther from the US than the North Pole is from China, and if Washington shows restraint in the South China Sea, the region will be much calmer. The US has always tried to pose as the "dominant power" in the South China Sea and engaged in so-called "freedom of navigation." The US is the biggest threat to the peace and stability to the South China Sea.

Pompeo has in all forums engaged in China-bashing. In South America, Asia and Africa, he has linked various topics to the "China threat theory". Now he wants to turn the Arctic region into a new front to berate Beijing.

The reason why Pompeo has such an intense prejudice against China is that there is something fundamentally wrong with his values. 

As Secretary of State, Pompeo has huge influence in US' foreign policy. But he is like a high-pitched loudspeaker, capable of stirring the atmosphere of public opinion about relations between China and the US, and stoking hostility against China.

Officials such as Pompeo have made it difficult to form stable Sino-US relations. Dealing with ties between Beijing and Washington that may become more volatile in future has become quite a challenge. 

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