Chinese streaming site iQiyi to set national standard for interactive films in China

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/12 16:28:40

Gong Yu Photo: Courtesy of iQiyi

"Why can't Chinese film and TV companies produce successful interactive films like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? " said Gong Yu, CEO of Chinese streaming platform iQiyi, at the company's annual World Conference in Beijing on Thursday, talking about the development of interactive films. 

"A key reason is that are no [technological] standards for producers to follow to make similar content. We will solve this problem by setting a standard, which will be open to all parties," said he.  

Additionally, the streaming site also announced it is cooperating with Chinese Nobel literature laureate Mo Yan to adapt the author's popular novel Big Breasts & Wide Hips into a streaming drama. 

"Good literature works have the power to adapt to new times. This will allow new viewers to feel something new and fresh in new times," said Mo, who has been quite open to adaptations of his works. 

"You can do whatever you want," Mo said, recalling what he told Chinese director Zhang Yimou when giving him permission to adapt his Red Sorghum


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