Political prejudice of West exposed in granting asylum

By Li Qingqing Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/14 21:03:42

Grace Meng, the wife of former vice minister of public security Meng Hongwei, said Monday that France has granted her asylum request, according to a report from the Associated Press (AP). Grace Meng, also known as Gao Ge, said France's asylum had saved her and her two son's lives.

Meng Hongwei was indicted on Friday. According to the official indictment, Meng used his job to gain benefits and accepted huge bribes.

Granting Meng's wife an asylum request will not change the fact that Meng is accused of taking bribes. Meng used to be a senior official and his acts were under the supervision of China's National Supervisory Commission. Because of suspected violations of laws, Meng was investigated. This is absolutely justified.

Meng has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and dismissed from public office over serious violations of CPC discipline and laws, according to a statement issued March 27 by CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission. The statement said Meng used his influence to "secure a job for his wife and let her take advantage of her post to seek private benefits." Such an official conclusion should have already made the whole case clear.

But Grace Meng claims there are so-called "political reasons" in her husband's case. She said that her husband was a victim of political persecution and her lawyer argued that she would be in danger if she returned to China, AP reported. 

Grace Meng's act seems clever - labeling the investigation "political persecution" may help her win political asylum. But this also shows that France and some Western countries harbor a prejudice and have serious misunderstandings of China's politics. 

What her husband did would be legitimately investigated in any Western country. Western countries use their so-called politics to cover Meng's violations of the law, which only shows that Western laws are unfair.

In 2018, China adopted the Supervision Law which was expected to be a guiding law for anti-corruption. The investigation of Meng shows the effectiveness of China's legal system as well as the country's tenacious resolution in cracking down on corruption.

We understand that France granted Grace Meng's asylum request on the basis of the country's own law. But in the case of bribery, France's law should accord with China law. Some Western media deliberately used words like "disappeared" to describe China's investigation. This is mere provocation against China's law.

Meng is also former president of Interpol, but just like France's asylum, it cannot make him escape his investigation. Anybody who violates China's law will be punished and there should be no exception. The purpose of China's anti-corruption campaign is to build a clean and fair society for Chinese people and other countries should end their illusions about interfering in it.

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