Hundreds of artifacts unearthed from 2,000-year-old tombs in Central China

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/15 17:28:42

Hundreds of artifacts are unearthed from 2,000-year-old tombs. Source: Pear Video

Archaeologists have excavated more than 160 ancient tombs believed to be more than 2,000 years old in Zhengzhou, Central China's Henan Province, unearthing hundreds of pieces of perfectly intact bronze ware, pottery and coins. 

According to Gao Zanling, a researcher of the cultural relics institute of Zhengzhou, the tombs were built mainly during the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220). 

Gao told reporters at a media unveiling of the site that the burial objects included many decorative pieces such as floor bricks that were each uniquely carved with shapes of animals and plants.  

A fully intact clay model of a typical home shows the era's unique architecture.

"During the Han Dynasty, people's toilets and pigsties were one and the same. Look at this model, there are stairs on the outside of the building where people lived that they would descend in order to answer the call of nature, which was also the pigsty," Gao said holding the clay model to reporters and visitors.

Archaeologists also discovered 2,000-year-old coins that had oxidized and turned green, a video posted by Pear Video showed.

The artifacts found in the excavation will be invaluable to researchers studying the social life and manufacturing techniques of the ancient people who lived in the area of Zhengzhou, said Gao in the video.


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